Success Stories

Andre Drummond, plays for the Detroit Pistons. Andre was shooting the worst ft% (37%) in NBA history. With the Doctor’s help he improved these numbers to 60% and 59% the following 2 seasons, highest percentage he has ever shot in his career.

Willie Cauley-Stein, power foward/center for University of Kentucky Wildcats. Willie Cauley-Stein shot 37% from the free throw line his freshmen year (2013), with the Doctor’s help his sophomore season (2014), he finished at 48% before suffering a fracture in his foot during the NCAA tourney. He finished this regular season (2015) at 62%. He also improved his shooting, footwork and post game which has elevated him to one of the top picks in the 2015 NBA draft (lottery pick). With continued help from the Doctor, Cauley-Stein will continue to improve his all around game and potentially become an NBA All-Star player. See workout videos with The Percentage Doctor and Willie Cauley-Stein.

Terrance Jones, forward Houston Rockets. Terrance has his best statistical season with the help of the Doctor. He improved his fg%, 3pt% and ft% with my help. He cracked the stating line up and extended his contract all during this season.

Isaiah Canaan, plays for the Houston Rockets. He improved his all around game with the Doctor’s help and also cracked the line up and played a solid season playing the point guard position. His good play earned him another starting spot with the Philadelphia 76’ers.

Payton Siva, played with the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic. He played 2 seasons in NBA before starting a lucrative career in top league in Germany.

Xavier Alexander, Tulsa 66ers of the D-League and Siark Tarnobrzeg (Poland). “I think the Percentage Doc helped me out without a doubt, from the moment he starts talking you can tell this guy is going to be a big help… He was all access knowledge of the game and we really broke down my shot and got back to the basic fundamentals of my shot and what to think about before you shoot. I became a better shooter as soon as we stepped in the gym”

Demetrius McReynolds,  played for Eastern Illinois and led his team in scoring, assists,  2nd in rebounding and led conference in turnover assist ratio with help from the Doctor. He is playing professionally in Croatia.

Trae Graham, was an NAIA All-American, led his team in scoring, rbs, fg%, and blks with the Doctor’s help. He is playing professional ball in the Dominican Republic and Kakahstan.

Javan White, played his season at the University of Clemson and UMKC his senior season where he led team in scoring, rbs, n blks. With my help he developed a consistent 3pt shot and the ability to score with his back to basket. This enabled him to sign with top league in Finland this season.