Willie Cauley-Stein, power foward/center for University of Kentucky Wildcats.Willie Cauley-Stein shot 37% from the free throw line his freshmen year (2013), with the Doctor’s help his sophomore season (2014), he finished at 48% before suffering a fracture in his foot during the NCAA tourney. He finished this regular season (2015) at 62%. He also improved his shooting, footwork and post game which has elevated him to one of the top picks in the 2015 NBA lottery draft. With continued help from the Doctor, Cauley-Stein will continue to improve his all around game and potentially become an NBA All-Star player. See workout videos with The Percentage Doctor and Willie Cauley-Stein.

Jermohn Queen, Martin County High School shot 62% from the free throw line last year and 83% this year, he also became an all around better shooter. He is currently Mr. Basketball on Florida’s Treasure coast, as well as two time all-state. He is currently attending Eastern Florida State College.

Alex Thompson, Houston Academy shot 71% from the free throw line last year and improved to 80% this year and has developed a nice all around shot that expanded to the three point line. He also was all-state last year as well as this year. He is currently attending Auburn University.

Shelvick Henry, Sebastian High School, shot 71% last year from the free throw line last year and improved to 76%, and led the area in scoring the last two years while gaining all-state honors the past two seasons. He is currently attending Eastern Mississippi State College.

Xavier Alexander, Tulsa 66ers of the D-League and Siark Tarnobrzeg (Poland)

“I think the Percentage Doc helped me out without a doubt, from the moment he starts talking you can tell this guy is going to be a big help… He was all access knowledge of the game and we really broke down my shot and got back to the basic fundamentals of my shot and what to think about before you shoot. I became a better shooter as soon as we stepped in the gym”